Artist's books in Slip case encasing Quartz and Amethyst,

Spray Paint         



The Tower is comprised of two books, created, printed, painted, and hand bound by the artist. 


Book one is a physical manifestation of a cataclysm.  These violent or sudden events in the natural world, or in one's life, or as in a political or martial event, have the ability to cause trauma, and also transform. It is a reflection on the Tower of the tarot deck.   And so, in similar fashion as the tarot, the book (and the world within) can be flipped upside down to derive the exact opposite meaning. This book includes all original prints, as well as three paintings. It is rhythm.  


The second book is a crab cannon science fiction.  One story starts at the end, the other at the beginning, they wind their way back and forth just so.  Images and drawing redact passages allowing the reader to fill the story with their imagination.  It is harmony.


The slip case is custom made with hand dyed suminagashi paper, hand made black paper, and white book cloth.  It is spray painted with water-based paint, then the whole thing is etched by hand.  Enclosed in the compartment above book two are tibetan quartz and amethyst crystals.


The Tower, Cataclysm

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